05 March 2009

Weekend in Medway


Last weekend I went back to Medway, and I went up the Great Lines with Tukru, and we messed about taking photos.


It's basically a big field up on top of the hill (Medway is stuffed full of steep hills) that used to belong to the Army, and apparently was designed to stop Napoleon invading. Now it's just a big high field with long grass and cow parsley. You can see where the soil's full of chalk (typical for Kent)


The splendour of Chatham


More "magnificence". Your typical English terraced house too.


It's a steep walk up ...






Enjoying the bracing fresh air.



A quick crafty one.


Coin operated girl (Actually Tukru's pose for some self-portraits she did)



Panda pander panza

03 March 2009

Alternative Press Fair - London


I shared a stall at the Alternative Press Fair at the start of Feb with my friends Scott and Chris, and their friend Pete who I hadn't met before. Thanks to Jimi and Peter for organising such a great event.



It was in a hall in the basement of a church near Euston station, and it had the strangest lighting, so apologies to anyone who looks ill in the photos. There were also these strange xmas decorations on the ceiling.


There were lots of stalls, esp comics and colour art zines, not so many of the black and white photocopied ones like mine (I still made twenty quid though).


Here's some nice stuff I saw.


Here's Scott & Chris


Scott mingling.


Our friends Joe, Jess and Ricky came along, as did Edward one of my fellow Brighton Zinefest Organisers.


We sat and had a drink quite often, because there was a bar, and there were four of us to mind the stall. That's Ricky and his girlfriend there.


Here's Chloe who I met at the Women's Zinefest, and who then had the stall next to us. She didn't really look quite so peaky, stupid lighting (there's only so much photoshop can do)


Some strangers avidly reading


Here's our stall. We didn't have my big loud table cloth like I usually do, because Scott was going to bring one, but then forgot. The table was covered with zines and comics, so it didn't matter that much. The small zines nearest you are mine, Up a Blind Alley belongs to Scott, the Grey Comic belongs to Pete, and the furthest ones belong to Chris.


People started to pack up in the early evening, and there was then an open mike night. People did readings, I did some shameless plugging for the Brighton Zinefest, and this guy (whose name I sadly can't remember) played some songs.



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