06 May 2009

Zine Night I

On Tuesday night we had our first ZIne Night at the Cowley Club. Hopefully it's going to be a monthly event. The first one was small and quiet, because we didn't have time to organise much, but it's better to build ourselves up, than try to promise the world from the outset. We had a table with zines from attendees for swapping or selling, a cake, and a bar, and readings.

Alex reading

First we had Alex, talking about Stolen Sharpie Revolution, and doing some zine readings, one about returning to Salt Lake City after many years, and the "don't you have a man at home to shave for?" awkward drinks story.

Wes reading
Then we had Wes, who kindly came down specially for the event. He read a story about cuckoos, which he is using as his entry for the Glastonbury Bard competition. If he wins, he gets a fancy chair and everything. After that, my camera battery ran out.

Then we had me & Toby reading some bits (we had press-ganged ourselves to fill up the lineup) and Robb gave a talk about his zine library, and how it managed to survive through Hurricane Katrina.

Then we had vegetarian Mexican food, which of course bore no relation to what the americans were expecting, but was tasty, and the cafe has the nicest man in the world working there.

London Zine Symposiumzi


Sunday was the London Zine Symposium, and I had a stall with the other Brighton Zinefest people. We went up together on the train, and that seemed to counteract the jinx that plagues me any time I try to go to a zine event in London which cancels/seriously delays any known form of transport. I did forget to bring the "up for trades" badges though, and we had to make do with German ones (not that useful in an English-speaking event!). There were two rooms this year, about 2 million people I knew and it got very hot. I did a workshop with Alex about Etsy, we basically made it up as we went along.

Our stall

Here's our stall with assorted bits, and vegan cakes.

Kraken goddamit

Toby got this amazing bag with "I'm the goddamn kraken" painted on it, from the people with the stall next to us (they were very young, and it was their first event, their zine was called Everything You Touch Turns to Gold)

Best patch *ever*

I got this amazing patch from the Irish people from Loserdom zine on the other side of us, it's now firmly ensconced on the arm of my jacket to show I'm in the DIY corps.


Here they are.


More of the room.


Tukru (jn her knitted bow), Eleanor and Flick. Scott, Chris T, and Dan O were also there, but for some reason I didn't get a shot of them. I saw my friends Fraser, Sanjay and Chloe as well as all the zine stallholders I knew.

Alex on the train
Alex on the train.

Everyone went for a drink afterwards, and the pub was so packed that we had to resort to sitting in the street, on the pavement (don't worry, it was an empty street). The americans amongst us were amazed that this was both legal and acceptable.

I caught the bus back to Victoria with Tukru and Alex, and they compared catchphrases- Alex "it's true!" Canadianly, and Tukru-"Good times!", and then we went our separate ways, T to Chatham, me & A to Brighton, where I walked Alex to Ellie's house where she was staying (my flat is too cluttered and tiny for guests really), then sleep.

Müllheim Swag

My friend/BZF compadre Ed went to the Müllheim Zinefest, and I gave him some of my zines to either sell or trade for interesting stuff. He didn't manage to sell anything, but brought me back a bag with a creepy clown on it full of all kinds of great stuff in German and English.

Murdering bag

Mulheim haul

There's a German parody of Vice, and some great arty comp zines and interesting weird stuff in envelopes, like a mysterious cd in the blue one. On the cover of the programme zine there's the scarecrow from the film version of Howl's Moving Castle, and Ed said there were loads of German emo kids with tattoos of it wandering round. I'm not sure if even *I* like Diana Wynne Jones that much. The little zines really make me want to make a super mini zine in a decorative vellum envelope. (The Defiance, Ohio flyer got into the photo by mistake, I picked it up)

New favourite

I really loved this mini zine, it was written by a pregnant woman living off the grid and writing about small pleasures, and it was really nicely written and on nice recycled paper.

London Zine Symposium Haul

I didn't sell an awful lot, but I did a lot of trading, and I've got a nice haul here

LZS haul

The zine fest zine was made on the day with submitted pages, we did a page, but it got lost under the table and we only found it at the end of the day. The red one's about feminist parenting, the pink one's a craft zine, the one with glasses the comp zine about children's lit that I submitted my Diana Wynne Jones interview to, the one with the fish is a comic by loads of my friends from Medway, and the book one's Ellie's first zine.

LZS haul

More zines- I got an E of Lazy Soosan, but they haven't done F yet, so I got an A because it had good pictures, but really I wanted my initials. There's a guide to owls which has the amazing line "has small owl syndrome", Alex's mini photo zine, a zine that came with a mysterious orange tape I haven't listened to yet, a zine of Eleanor's that I didn't have, a field guide to Barcelonan hairstyles that came with the amazing sticker below, and Tukru's latest.

01 May 2009

Big Print Sale


I've got a big print sale over at my Etsy shop to clear out some old stock. There's 8x6"s for $7 and 5x7"s for $5, which is about a third of the normal price. There's all different prints, both colour and black and white, of all different places and people.


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