30 June 2009

Customer Service

My cousin is working temporarily in Crawley, a town which exists solely for servicing Gatwick Airport, and every day he is confronted with a new bizarre sight outside the train station. The best one this week was two dwarves slapping each other. He popped into Sainsbury's and bought a jacket potato and pack of Garibaldis (those biscuits with raisins in which look like squashed flies) for lunch. The man at the counter asked him "Are you going to have a BBQ today then, sir" perfectly seriously. He thinks Crawley might be directed by David Lynch. I like the idea of a biscuit bbq.

Also I got a lovely kelly green (my favourite colour) blouse with white polka dots and white piped trim from a charity shop. It was a Topshop one, from the days when Topshop used to actually be good quality, and cost £3. When I got it to the till, the woman insisted on charging me £1, as "I don't feel right charging you so much for such an ugly blouse". Backhanded compliment much, love? When I came out of the shop I burst out laughing.

20 June 2009

Lashings of ginger beer

I've been in Medway this weekend, I'm staying at my mum's, but she's not there. My auntie went into hospital to have her cochlear implant done, and her daughter is away on her long pre-booked holiday, so my mum's gone to pick her up from hospital and look after her for a few days until her sense of balance returns.

I went to my dad's to ride my new bike, which I won for the princely sum of £28 on ebay, and was located near him, so he picked it up. I haven't ridden a bike in about 15 years, and I wasn't even sure if I could actually do it or not. Turns out I can. I rode up and down a cul-de-sac full of 70s old people's bungalows with treacherous bends most of the time, it felt appropriate. My arse is sore though. Needs hardening up. Raleigh Choppers are heavy and wobbly and totally impractical, but they look great. I always go for the swish but impractical item, Chris always tries to persuade me to be sensible about these things, but I never am. I feel I have to be sensible far too often, and it's dangerous being too sensible, you might find you've turned into your dad. I need to get a bar to go at the back though. I nearly won one on ebay, but I was out riding the bike when it finished, and I was outbid by 20p. 20p!! I like the fact that you can successfully ride the bike in flares, with no cycling clips or trouser tucking needed. Now that's a 70s posing bike! My one is actually two-tone pink and red. I'm going to get some fuschia fake flowers from poundland and use cable ties to fix some between the handlebars.

I went round Tukru's then, and gave her her birthday presents. A bald, makeupless Blythe for her to customise, which I got for myself several years ago and never got around to doing up, so I thought she'd like it (and she did! and had fun creeping Carl out), some cruets shaped like hugging kangaroos, some cupcake stickers, a gluestick of pink glue, and an iron on T motif.

I would've gone out tonight, but I have no-one to give me a lift, there's no night buses, taxis can be hard to come by, and something I saw this afternoon made me remember why I don't want to walk around Chatham at night by myself. I came out of the newsagents on Luton Arches on my way back to the house from Tukru & Carl's, and there were some kids banging another kids head on the pavement, a woman who seemed to know the boys leapt out of a car and started yelling at the kids, and the kid whose head was being banged sat up in tears and said "we were only messing about" to the concerned woman. The boys then all went swaggering off and pushing over the pavement signs of some shops and spitting. Typical people of Chatham I'm afraid. Medway could be nice if they shipped 90% of the people out somewhere (Sheppey, probably, they'd be happy there) and gave it a wash and brush up. I guess I've got too used to the hippified gentility of Brighton. The constant undercurrent of possible violence and general crassness and intolerence of your Chathamite on the street used to just wash over me, because I was used to it, now it makes me feel on edge and nervy. I've got used to being able to walk around looking any way I want, without people having a problem with it.

10 June 2009

Hello from Cornwall


Today we went to the beach, but I didn't bring my digital camera because I was (rightly it turns out after I nearly fell in a rockpool) concerned about breaking it. I did bring my lomo fisheye though.

Magic Hour

Here's some photos of the beach the night we arrived. We went down about the time photography magazines call "magic hour"

Into the woods

Down the lane to the beach.

Chris & his Dad

Chris and his dad.

I was at the same place in 2006, here's some photos


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