14 February 2010

Bird Silhouette

bird sil sm.jpg

I've got a new print for sale on Etsy $15-$30 depending on the size.
Here are the different sizes
5x7 8x6 10x8 12x10

Pier Kaleidoscope

IMGP0017 sm.jpg

A couple of weeks ago I took my cheesy 70s kaleidoscope filter to the pier. I didn't really get the shots I wanted, and I dropped my lens cap between the slats, but I managed to get a few ok shots.

IMGP0011 sm.jpg

IMGP0026 sm.jpg

Sticker Time

stick 3.JPG

I've got some sticker lucky dip bags on Etsy, six photo stickers for $1.50.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 10

fy 10a.JPG

Fanzine Ynfytyn 10
Ireland Special!

This one's about my road/rail/boat trip to Co Cork in Ireland in the September of 2009 with a 11 piece country band called Dolly & the Clothespegs. Features midnight ferry rides, colcannon and wonky Dolly Parton covers. 24 pages 1/4 size b&w.

It's $2/£1 on Etsy, plus postage to wherever you live (I'm in the UK). I love trading, but at the moment I can only afford to do trades within the UK, so international people, I'm afraid you international lovelies will have to order instead.

fy 10b.JPG

08 February 2010

New Mini Zine

fy 9.5 1.JPG

I've done a free mini issue of Fanzine Ynfytyn about the fine city of Canterbury. It's free if you order any other of my zines, because charging international postage for such a small zine is a bit pointless. 14 pages, 3" x 4". I'll also be at the Alt Press Fair on Saturday in London.

My Etsy Shop

fy 9.5 3.JPG


youll do.JPG

I couldn't bear to make a sentimental valentines card, I hate syrupy things, so I tried to make the most unromantic valentines card design I could.


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