30 March 2010



Here's the pictures I took Sat. Unfortunately I only got a chance to take a couple before my battery ran out. Schoolboy error. Should've charged it up before a left home.


L-R Chris T, Michael H, Hannah They were performing Superstar by the Carpenters for an Oxjam 70s night. Unfortunately they couldn't hear a thing through the monitors while they were playing.


Hannah by herself. She has a band called Slap Alice.

29 March 2010


SP poladroid

I'd forgotten how fun using poladroid is. (Polaroid purists look away in disgust now)

Here's the original picture, something I took in the summer and forgot about.

_IGP0012 sm.jpg

26 March 2010

The Clangers

For anyone who had a deprived childhood:


O Bagpuss, fat furry old catpuss

Dr Bagpuss

I also didn't put my pictures from Canterbury Museum up. Here is Bagpuss on his cushion, he has an honourary doctorate from the University of Kent you know. In real life, he's about the size you'd expect.

Bagpuss again

You know originally he was going to be ginger, but the fabric dye came out wrong, but they liked the pink and just went with it. He wouldn't be the same in ginger.

Me & Bagpuss

Here's me and his eminency.


The Clangers were bigger than I expected, about a foot tall. You can see the glue on them in a lot of places too!

Pa Clanger


Here are the other toys from Bagpuss.

Marvellous Mouse Organ

My mum tipped me off about the existence of the museum, she saw the shop one day and bought me a toy of one of the Mouse Organ mice for xmas, because Bagpuss was my favourite show when I was little.

Prof Yaffle

Noggin the Nog

Noggin the Nog, who is literally made of pieces of painted carboard.

Ivor the Engine

And Ivor the Engine, which was probably my least favourite Postgate production as a kid.

They also had a Rupert the Bear gallery, because he's local.
Rupert Whizz Fizz
I wish this were a commonly available drink. It's one of those mini cans they used to sell in Woolies.

The rest of the photos are here if you care to peruse them:

Brighton Zinefest 2010


I just realised I forgot to put the photos from the 2010 Zinefest on here. I'm going to write about it in more detail in issue 13 of my zine, but to summarise: It was good, lots of people came, the Bobby McGees were fantastic, I got the flu on Saturday, was tired and irritable.

Here's all the photos:

24 March 2010

Technicolour Wonder Zines

technicolour wonder zines

I've reprinted all my zines on coloured paper at a lower price. Check them out on my Etsy- http://emmajane.etsy.com

Out and About

I went to two gigs this week, there couldn't have been more of a contrast.

On Sunday I went to a gig that my friend Toby was playing. It was an acoustic affair in a student house, they'd decked out their basement with a big old mattress and cushions, and pinned some fairy lights on the wall with a white sheet for projections. The first act was a guy with a spanish guitar and a guy with a xylophone. They sang about board games and giant robot cats, and they had a shadow puppet show of a tragic love story between an octopus and a squirrel. Then there was Toby's band, who are usually a straight up punk band, this being the only time they've ever played acoustically. The singer had to be stopped from performing a Take That song. Then there was a Boards of Canada type guy (also in Toby's band) with animated projections, and an american guy called Brook something whose name I didn't catch who did Herman Dune type songs with funny stories about living in New York inbetween. Someone had a go at crowdsurfing across the seated people on the mattress, and it was the most sedate crowdsurfing ever. The whole thing was charming and fun, cost nothing but a donation for the bands and the drink you brought with you, and was entertaining throughout. (Though going in the kitchen gave me a shudder of students days ..)

The other gig was the Joy Formidable at Audio. Vicky had a spare ticket, so I went along. Audio is a band venue along the seafront, there's a swish cocktail place upstairs and a band room/nightclub downstairs. Most band venues are kind of dives, but this place is slick. The drinks are expensive (most things were £3.80 and had a lot of ice to drink) and there isn't much atmosphere. It's one of those places that has a good sound system, and a decent lighting setup, but somehow manages to suck all life from the stage, even though everything's technically set up right. The Joy Formidable are always a good live prospect, but the support bands were a real let down. Airship were like a limp Jesus & Mary Chain, made up of blandly handsome boys from central art student casting. Baddies were like Green Day do Talking Heads. Both bands were tight, and talented musicians, but there was absolutely no spark, and I felt like I was hearing lesser versions of songs by other people. The Joy Formidable were good, but the non-atmosphere of the place didn't do much for them, I enjoyed them much more the other times I'd seen them. The crowd was also strangely full of little bald middle aged men. I guess they are in love with the singer.

07 March 2010

Cadbury's Novelty Cookbook


I got this late 70s/early 80s book from a charity shop a while ago. A lot of families in the UK had it when I was a kid I think. I got it out because I promised to make my friend a really ludicrous birthday cake from inside. The recipes are fine, various flavoured sponge cakes with buttercream icing (albeit with gratuitous Cadbury's product placement in every recipe). It's the choice of cake themes in the book that's a bit odd ...


Just so you remember.


A quick peek at the insides.

It's all standard birthday cakes, like train, princess, spaceship etc, until you get to ..


the WAR!!! cakes


Giant mecha-soldier supervises the exercises.


Sending in the robotic santas for the christmas eve offensive.


Forcible farm collectivisation cake.


It's Easter time. Time for Frankenstein chicks, and eyeless zombie bunnies.


Ooh, you were awful, but I did like you. (Mourning the tragic death below of his pregnant compadre)


Roll up, roll up! Time to see the sharp-fanged clowns!


Ideas for those many, many Scottish themed parties you have.


For all your witch-burning parties too. (Admittedly I think it's meant to be Bonfire Night, but a- we don't celebrate Guy Fawlkes with decorated cakes, and b-it looks more like a witch).


And finally, "Frogland". Aka a bowl of lime jelly (jello to you trans-pond types) with frogs made of Creme Eggs with glacé cherry eyes, and evil icing mouths.

Tea & Sympathy


Earlier today me & Vicky planned to go to an Alice Tea Party that was advertised in a vintage clothes shop. We dressed up Alice style, her in a grey dress with a bow and white tights with black ballet shoes, and me with a chequred skirt, silver and black stripy jumper, and silver ballet shoes. We got there and the "tea party" turned out to be a shop assistant on a small table with some styrofoam cups of tea. Very disappointing.

We tried to go to Metro Deco, a teashop in Kemptown which uses 1920/30s furniture, which is also for sale, but we spent so long waiting for a free table that we went elsewhere. We tried to go to the Kemptown Bookshop cafe, but the shop was closed, so we ended up going to the Mock Turtle, where we should've gone first of all, with the name and all. The Mock Turtle is a Brighton institution. It hasn't been decorated since the 70s, cork floors and all, they have delicious cakes, and it's really cheap. A pot of lapsang souchong tea and a carrot cake cost me the same as just a cake elsewhere.


Waiting around in the Metro Deco furniture showroom fruitlessly for a cafe table upstairs.


Legs. I don't have concave legs, it's the fisheye.


Cake! The pink vanilla sponge was for Vicky, the carrot cake for me. Tea & pear juice still to arrive. The carrot cake was good, but it's even better when it has cream cheese icing and walnuts, like the way my friend Bryony makes it.


The Mock Turtle's basement. Decorated by your nan.

03 March 2010




Fisheye photos from various occasions on the beach. With help from Madame T.










I'm trying to decide which ones of the scenic pictures to list as prints on Etsy. What do you reckon?

Fanzine Ynfytyn 11- full colour


24 page full colour zine- 10cm/4" square pages
This time I've concentrated on pictures.

Longing for spring
Pic n mix sweets

$2 USD + postage





Also, I've got a new place to do printing (whoo, go Brighton Resource Centre) so now I can afford to sell all my b&w zines at $1, as opposed to the $2 it was before, with super packs for $7 . They will also be on coloured paper. I've changed the etsy prices, but I haven't redone the photos yet. The postage prices have changed and simplified here in the UK, so I've also changed the postage on Etsy accordingly. It's now $1 UK, $3 Int for as many zines as you want. Check out my Etsy for what I've got available.


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