27 April 2010



I used my postal vote today- I'm going to be away from home on polling day. I didn't get to vote in the 2005 election, because of a registration mix-up, so I made sure to get it all done way in advance this time. It's nice to see that the candidates in my area for the three big parties are all women. Caroline Lucas has a fairly good chance of getting in in Brighton, she's the leader of the party, and they're very popular locally. If she wins, she'll be the first Green party MP. If she weren't on the list, I'd go for the Lib Dems. That's who I've voted for every other time. I have no idea who will win the election. I hope it isn't smug orange plastic-faced Cameron.

And yes, that *is* a box for the Zombie Party you see there. In London, there's also guy standing for Parliament in the character of a pirate, because he lost a bet: http://www.madcapntom.co.uk/

26 April 2010


Since becoming unemployed I've applied for a lot of jobs, wrangled with the job centre, read quite a lot of library books, done some drawings (more of that later), tried and failed to do a sour dough bread starter and started freaking out about applying for a masters.

Here's some of the books I've been reading or re-reading. Brief descriptions only, because I'm not particularly in the mood for writing.

The Magic Toyshop- Angela Carter
I'd forgotten how much I love this book- I love the creepy atmosphere and lush descriptions, and Uncle Philip is a great ogre. I want to watch the tv version, but love film doesn't have the dvd.

Perverted by Language- Short stories inspired by the Fall

Each story was by a different author and inspired by a different song title- it was a real mixed bag in terms of both quality and tone. It was much better than the similar Belle & Sebastian anthology I'd read, but some of the stories were still pretty bad though, too much either macho writing posturing (all the Bukowski wannabes) or the sort of super-cryptic nothing writing much favoured of people trying to make their journals sound mysterious. The Stuart Lee one along with a few others were pretty great though, and Michel Faber is one of my favourite writers.

Endless Night- Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie books are a kind of comfort food- there's so many of them and they're mostly the same. I hadn't read this one, and when I saw the publication date of 1967, my heart sunk a little, because the 60s is when she started to go a bit senile and write detective stories that made absolutely no sense. It was an extremely pleasant surprise though. It' s a dark psychological thriller written in a totally different style to her normal one, in the first person, that really racks up the creepy atmosphere. It reminded me a lot of Engleby, but if I write more, I'll give away the whole plot. I put the film version on my love film list, it only had 3 stars though.

22 April 2010

Stuff I Own- part one of many


This is a board game I got in a charity shop. I think the title deserves an exclamation mark. It encourages children to lie to customs officers convincingly. You get to smuggle dodgy perfume and boxes of cigars through customs. In my head it belongs to an imaginary Father Ted episode where Ted & Dougal are stuck inside on a rainy day, and decide to play a board game, they have a choice between Pope Trivial Pursuit or Smuggle, then Dougal turns out to not understand the concept of bluffing


Book Nook


I've got a book nook on the landing up to my room. I organised all the books by colour. The penguins classics etc are on the other bookshelf because they have boring black/silver spines. A pity, because my favourites are mostly amongst those. I got the poncho/blanket thing at the last Sue Ryder sale I went to. I think it's pretty much what you'd get if you asked someone's nan to knit you an Irish superhero outfit.



Why, yes, I do have a lot of Diana Wynne Jones books. I also get malicious pleasure from putting C.S. Lewis and Phillip Pullman together.


Tintin and Asterix.

Keeping an eye on the world going by my window


Here's the current view out my kitchen window. Hooray for apple blossom and forget-me-nots. I'm still looking for a job though. Fun and games at the job centre scheduled for tomorrow.



I've got a box full of unfinished sewing projects and a huge fabric stash, and as I'm unemployed at the moment, I decided to get them all finished/used. Here's the first thing I finished, a dress made from a 1960s pattern


Here's the whole thing.


I got the fabric from John Lewis


Here's the pattern I used

15 April 2010

The Laundry Escapes

I made this in the garden at lunchtime, the plan was for the clothes to line themselves up on the clothesline (with a bit of jostling). It turns out that the battery on my laptop only lasts 20 minutes now though, which meant I had to stop there. By the time the battery was charged all the clothes had blown off the line. A better video camera would be nice too.

06 April 2010

_IGP0044 sm.jpg

Here's some pictures I took in Broadstairs last summer, they were languishing on my hard-driveuntil this weekend.

_IGP0060 sm.jpg

_IGP0075 sm.jpg

_IGP0055 sm.jpg

_IGP0061 sm.jpg

_IGP0077 sm.jpg


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