24 August 2010

Hats & Hamming it up

The night before I went to Austria I hung out with some friends to drink beer and yell out the answers to quiz shows. I do enjoy a good bit of trivia. Some hats made an outing, and I took some hammily posed photos. I also got really indignant about the continuing existence of Roger Waters, even though he's not quite in the Bono league for me.

Meg & Chris. Chris pretty much *never* wears hats, which is why I took the photo.

Ooh, Betty
Michael found this beret, and decided to put his coat on, and pretend to be Frank Spencer (been watching a fair bit of Some Mothers Do 'Ave "Em recently). It's hard to be gormless enough.


Being Frank Spencer
Michael Hogan, thespian extraordinaire, man of many moods.

Time for your closeup
Time for your closeup.

Meg's Tattoo
Meg's new tattoo.

Scott in the beret, looking like some kind of serious politics student from the 60s.


Meg & Jake
Meg & Jake. I hadn't met Jacob before. Nice guy, even if he is far too fond of Pink Floyd minus Syd.


This photo is totally posed, by the way.

Michael again

Meg's legs.

Scott for the third time
Scott again.



Hello aus Österreich

This is my 100th post on here, ooh err.

I'm in a small town in SE Austria called Oberpullendorf right by the Hungarian border. I'm here to teach some English workshops with kids. I've got 1 week here, 1 week in Vienna, and one in a town near Verona, doing essentially the same thing, but in different schools with various age groups. Oberpullendorf's got about 3,000 people, but there's a pretty good selection of shops, and cafes and restaurants here. Also 3 underwear shops and a bong shop, which seems a bit odd for such a small town.

The kids are really nice, as is pretty much everyone in the town. I share the 9-10 year olds with one of the other teachers, we do two hours out of a kids' English workbook, then take them outside to play some games, then they have art time (they are making a superhero comic) and then to rehearse their play (The Owl & the Pussycat/Snow White) to show their parents on Friday, all in (fairly basic) English, then go home at half 2. It is essentially like being on holiday, except in the new identity of a junior school teacher. I also had a nice chat with one of the girl's nans when I was buying some socks in her shop, and got my photo taken for the local newspaper- there's celebrity. I've sent quite a few postcards already, all the postcards available of the town seem to show the swimming pool.

Food is good, and pretty cheap (beer + main course in restaurants is under €10). I went to a traditional place recommended by the Austrian teacher, and ordered the dumplings with mushroom sauce. I got one dumpling the size and consistency of a shotput, in a whole soupbowl of sauce. I managed just under a half, but the sweet old man who ran the gasthoff was a little upset. He kept asking me in German if there was something wrong with it, or I didn't like the taste or something, even though I told him it was delicious but huge (true), he looked so disappointed. I suppose I haven't been in training hiking up mountains and eating hefty dumplings since birth. On the tv in the bar/restaurant there was some show of syrupy ballads, with all the middle aged Austrian people in the bar singing along. Me & the other teacher burst out laughing when they wheeled out some archive footage of Tom Jones wearing something that strongly resembled the Parisian Nightsuit out of Freaks and Geeks and miming in front of a blue-screen showing Skegness or somewhere similar's seafront. The Austrian customers were looking at us very strangely.

Tomorrow I have to take some photos for the school's newsletter/website, and then the Austrian liason teacher's husband is driving us teachers over the border into Hungary to visit Sopron, a mediaeval town. I'm probably going to do Document a Day as well, seeing as I'll have my camera with me, and I'm going somewhere interesting.

17 August 2010

I spent the summer wasting

(Scott l, Matt r)

Yesterday I went round Scott's to play Scrabble with him & Matt. At the beginning of the game I got loads of good letters and managed words like exude. At the end I had nothing but Os and Is and resorted to crappy words like nut. We ate a lot of chili crisps. Scott won the Scrabble.


(I managed to knock the prescription adjustment thingy on the eyepiece of my DSLR, giving all my photos from the afternoon a weird half-focused look, and rendering most of them totally unusable)

Then we played Trivial Pursuit. I'm shit at the sports questions, good at geography ones. Matt had to go home, but luckily Michael arrived home from work and took over his piece. The set is from the 80s, so all the entertainment questions are amusingly 80s focused. I did learn that the first episode of Dynasty lasted 3 hours. We all paused for a minute to let the horror of watching that sink in.

Trivial Pursuit
(results of cheap fisheye converter + unfocusing the eye-piece=surreal)
I'm blue. S green, M yellow. I think Mike won.

Then we watched University Challenge (it makes you feel ever so intelligent when you know the answers), bits of an incredibly depressing documentary about teenage marriages, some of a laughably awful showchoir talent show (the boys liked it because some girls did a kitschy pillow-fight dance while singing very badly) and an episode of Some Mothers Do "Ave "Em and ate curry. A good way to spend my time. Ooh Betty.

12 August 2010

My Temporary Room

I'm spending the summer with my mum in my dead end hometown inbetween a spate of working in Austria, before I return to Brighton the end of September. None of the furniture is mine, but the wall colour is the same as when I painted it about 10 years ago. The rest of my stuff, particularly my mountain of records, dvds and books is packed up in a storage unit in Brighton for my return.

Here's a crappy fisheye view, slightly blurry because I haven't got a suitable adaptor ring to attach my fisheye convertor to this lens.


Here's the bed and chest of drawers. My nan made the bedspread.


End of the bed- the big chrome lamp is mine.

Stuff on the windowsill:
DAB radio for listening to 6 Music (I'm so glad they aren't closing it down). Chocolate biscuits for eating.

Some cameras. I actually have a lot more than this.

Some Blythes. All in need of a hairwash.

Close-up of the patchwork quilt. It's made out of vintage bedsheets. This isn't because my nan is cool, it's because she hangs onto things forever. Luckily she asked me what colours I liked before making the quilt.

At the end of the bed, a small table to put the laptop on when I'm not using it/just using it for music + guitar + amp.

My battered laptop I bought in 2004. It's strange to have to rely on the radio/spotify/my ipod for music. I'm so used to being surrounded by records.

Guitar. The altoids tin is full of plectrums. Jim Dunlop tortex ones only. Purple of course (I also like green and blue in case you haven't noticed)

The ugly knitting corner. Both these things were actually brought back accidentally. The cushion was a knittng project that went wrong, so it became an ugly but comfortable cushion. When I bought the thing on the back of the chair I thought it was a blanket. It turns out to be a button up poncho with a collar. Still good for snuggling in.

Bookcase with a few odds and ends on. There are 7 boxes full of books back in Brighton, and that's *after* I had a purge. There are worse bad habits to have though.

On top, a recycled m&s cake box filled with a few back issues of my zines, in case anyone orders some. Lamp from Habitat.

Basket containing jumper I've been knitting since forever. I should crack on with it really. I've done one sleeve and the back.

Some bits of stationery and a couple of dvds. I borrowed the Heroes boxsets, never got round to watching them, and should really give them back.

A very strange assortment of books. The pattern for the jumper comes from the Stitch in Time book.
Bottom shelf- bag of junk and my small accordion. I've got a big one too, that's much better, but it's packed away.

Small accordion. I bought it from a bloke on the street round the back of Keletty train station in Budapest when I was studying there, as I felt a bit bereft of musical instruments. It smells a bit funny. The bellows are covered in the same flowery fabric.

Doors of the wardrobe. The dressing gown is one of the best £2s I've ever spent. It's got a design of white peacocks. I stuck a few pictures, chosen at a whim really, on the other door to cheer it up a bit.

Article about Twin Peaks I tore out of Nylon. The way everyone has pink lips in the illustration is suitably creepy.

Picture of Brighton Pier I took with a box camera

A couple of postcards- birds & Nara

Animal Collective promo

Deerhunter & Sonic Youth promos

Me mam's llama rug. She's got quite a few of these about the house.

Some bags hanging on the back of the door.

Chest of drawers. I'm not a fan of the pine. The Beatles lunchbox is full of jewellery and so on.

Like so. Yes, all my jewellery is cheap plastic rubbish, I know.

Here's me.

10 August 2010



My friend Katherine round my house in 2004 or so. The room had incredible 70s carpet, sadly not visible in the picture. Dodgy expired polaroid SX-70 film I got for £1 a box at a bootfair.

08 August 2010

Pussies Galore


My mum's got 2 kittens now, about 12 weeks old. She's had them for about 2 weeks now, so they're still getting used to things.


This is Mitzi, the girl. She's cream with beige stripy legs. She's more outgoing, and is a ferocious little hunter.


This is Oscar, the boy. He's also cream, but with brown tips. He's a little reserved, and has a skeptical little look on his face, but he's affectionate when he's got to know you.


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