24 September 2010

Were Pigeon

were pigeon small

I drew a werepigeon for Tukru . It was a silly private joke, and she insisted I drew it. So I did. I don't draw much. It's for a halloween zine she's putting together, you should make something for it (details here). It's probably good that I gave her the drawing before it frustrated me so much I threw it in the bin. This is what always happens when I draw stuff.

21 September 2010

Influence map

Scott made one of these, so I thought I would as well. His was far more coherent than mine. Mine turned out to be a strange jumble of art nouveau, kid's tv, the romans, russian stuff and a spot of literature.


notebook 1.jpg

When I was 17 or so I used to carry this notebook around in my bag to jot stuff down in. In boring moments in the pub, friends used to draw in it too. I managed to lose the insides (I've still got a few pages somewhere, but I haven't seen then in a while, I'm sure I'll uncover them when I return to Brighton and unpack my stuff). You can see where other people have scribbled stuff on the cover too, and polaroid stickers got stuck on, and then fell off where the material was so flimsy. Those polaroid izone stickers were a bit rubbish really. I scanned the covers a while ago, and forgot about it, and just noticed them on my flickr.

notebook 2.jpg

Inside cover.

notebook 3.jpg

I had a really nice Starck watch from Fossil. I took it to the jewellers to get the battery changed and they said it would still be waterproof if they did it. Unfortunately it wasn't, and that was the end of that watch.

notebook 4.jpg

I got some polaroid film from a boot fair for £1 a box. Half of the pictures came out black. I have a feeling that I took them in the toilets at the manor club.

I will have to find what I did with the pages I kept. Basically they were wobbly funny drunk illustrations of various friends' bands, and I'm not sure who drew them.


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