22 October 2010

Mirror exhibit


This was from an exhibition I saw at the MUMOK in Vienna. It's difficult to photograph well, but it was pretty impressive in real life. Bascially there was a huge room covered in mirrors and then there were various sculptures made of neon lights dotted around the room so they were reflected back and forth in different mirrors, creating different shapes and patterns based on where you stood in the room. Can't remember the artist's name.




Upstairs they had an exhibition about the connections between scientific innovation and modern art.


An obligatory picture of Tesla. Tesla = double plus good


I liked this drawing.

Super Dickmanns


I saw these in the supermarket in Vienna and burst out laughing because I am essentially 12. I wanted to bring some back as a joke present, but the boxes are big, and it'd be pretty difficult to bring a box back unsquashed. (It's like giant tall tunnocks teacakes). The sticker on the bottom right says "squashy and chocolatey!"

Friends in Vienna


This is Delal. She saw some pictures I'd posted on my tumblr ( emmajanefalconer.tumblr.com) tagged with Wien and sent me a message to see if I'd like to hang out, because it seemed we liked loads of the same things. She's from Germany originally, and is studying Journalism in Vienna and likes drawing and photography too.


We met up in the cafe of the Modern Art Museum, and hit it off immediately, talking about music and art and films and cake, and then took some b&w photobooth strips.


Later in the week, we went to her friend Anna's (http://www.paperbirdmusic.com/) gig at an art gallery. There was cake and badges and unbelievably cheap beer and lots of really nice interesting people. At first everyone was very politely talking to me in their best English about really bland topics, but as soon as I said "Oh I can speak German, you don't have to worry about me understanding you" everyone relaxed and we had normal interesting conversations.


So thanks to Delal for being a cool new friend in Vienna.
Here's her Tumblr: http://dans-le-noir-du-temps.tumblr.com/

18 October 2010




After going to the Hundertwasser places, I met up with the other teachers, and we went to the Nachtmarkt. Basically there were loads of food and drink stalls arranged on a square outside the town hall, and they were playing a classical concert on a giant screen outside the town hall. The food wasn't cheap, but it was very good (I only really had snacks and some beer though, seeing as the liason teacher from the Vienna school had taken us out for a very good dinner at a Japanese restaurant at lunch). I particularly like the chandeliers the stall in the first photo has. Pity it was selling melon flavoured drinks, I'm not a big fan of melon.

More Vienna- Hundertwasser

Also on my to-do list was the Hundertwasser museum. If you're not familiar with him he was an Austrian painter, architect, graphic designer, environmentalist and all round interesting eccentric.



Here's the outside of the museum


And the inside. All the lines of the building are rounded and organic.


The roof is covered with plants, as per Hundertwasser's philosophy of architecture.


Inside there was a permanent exhibition of Hundertwasser's work, and a temporary exhibition of the photographer/revolutionary Tina Modotti



Right after I took this picture, a *very* snotty gallery assistant dressed in expensive black came and told me off for taking pictures. Then she told a little boy off for talking. I don't think good old cranky rebellious nudist Friedrich would've taken very well to that somehow. The staff in general were a bit rude and unfriendly, except for the coat check lady who was lovely. So no more pictures.


Oh actually you're allowed to take pictures of the stairwell for some reason.


Next I went to see a block of flats in a neighbouring street that Hundertwasser had designed. I was most amused to see a little shopping centre next door selling almost nothing but crappy souveniers of his paintings.


There's a cafe upstairs, and trees on the roof.


Lots of trees all around, too.









I think the side of the building with the mosaic squares looks nicer than the painted side, because it's not so obvious when it fades.

12 October 2010


There was a b&w photobooth round the corner from my hotel in Vienna that was €2 a pop. I took a strip most days to document what I'd been doing . I also had some with Delal, and some of me holding up signs, but I've cut them up for zine use now, and I can't find what I did with the photo of the whole strips.


Exhibitions I planned to go to (I managed to go to all of them)

photobooth 1-1.JPG

This is currently my facebook profile pic.


Lots and lots of postcards (and trying to get a shot with me & the giant Egon Schiele postcard I bought, unsuccessfully)

photostrip 3.JPG

Here's me with my dead art boyfriend, Mr Schiele

photostrip 3-2.JPG

11 October 2010



I sent a lot of postcards when I was in Austria. These are just the ones from the Leopold Museum, probably about 1/3 - 1/2 of the total. Getting non-bill post is always nice.

10 October 2010

Zines in unlucky numbers

I've got 2 new zines available:

Issue 13 of Fanzine Ynfytyn- 50p/$1 + postage

Issue 13


Issue 13

24 page quarter-sized b&w zine
The pains of learning ballet
Equally painful school drama competitions
Panda cake recipe
Lists of stuff

Essentially the same moderately entertaining rubbish I usually fill my zine with

Fanzine Ynfytyn / Your Pretty Face is Going Straight to Hell split mini-zine 25p/50c + postage

Split zine


Split Zine

One of my pages

Split Zine

One of Tukru's pages

Tukru came round my house and we made a mini split zine in one evening.

1/6th 24pgs b&w
Hot famous people
True Blood
Elliott Smith
Aubergine Parmaggiana recipe
Pleasant guitar tuning.

They'll probably both also be available from Vampire Sushi distro sometime soon.
( http://www.vampiresushi.co.uk )



Also I ate this delicious cake at the museum. It's chocolate cake with a layer of cranberry jam on top. It's my new favourite. I don't even like jam.

Leopold Museum

I was working in Vienna a few weeks ago, and I haven't got round to uploading photos and putting them here. There's plenty to come.

I went to as many art exhibits as I could in the week I was working in Vienna. I've never felt so spoilt by all the free entry in London. I think I spent about €40 overall just on museum entries. It was worth it to see some things in the flesh though.

Schiele- lantern.JPG

First up- the Leopold Museum. Home of Klimt & Schiele. Some of the famous paintings like the Kiss are in different museums in other countries tho.

Klimt- death.JPG

A Klimt- I sent postcards of this painting to a few friends. I like Death's jazzy outfit.

Klimt- death 2.JPG

A closeup of the life side of the painting.

Klimt- Death 3.JPG

A closeup of Death's sneaky expression.

Schiele- impasto.JPG

Schiele- Looking at reproductions in books I'd never realised how thick and impasto the paint is on the backgrounds of his portraits. The faces are painted with much smoother more subtle strokes. I like the contrast.

Schiele- Wally.JPG

This painting of Schiele's girlfriend Wally had only recently joined the museum, and they had a little party to celebrate the couple's reunion. I wasn't there that day though. It hangs in the grand hall of the museum next to the first picture of Schiele I posted, with photos and bios of the couple around them.

Klimt- thunder.JPG

I never really liked this Klimt landscape in books. It doesn't look so wonderful in a photo either. In real life, it's really got something though. You can feel the atmospheric pressure rising.

Schiele- self-portrait.JPG

Schiele is all about the nakeds. This painting is MASSIVE in real life. Bigger than life-size.

Schiele- woman.JPG

I think I sent a postcard of this one to Tukru,

Schiele- house with shingles.jpg

For some reason I'd never seen this Schiele painting before, but I love it.

Schiele- Newborn.JPG

Oh the lines!

Kokoschka -poster.JPG

Oskar Kokoschka basically has the best name ever.

Klimt- mural.JPG

It's a real pity this Klimt painting was burnt in WWII, and all there is left is this b&w photo.


There was also a good exhibition about applied arts in the Wiener Secession. I particularly liked this poster.

jugendstil pisstake.JPG

This is a pisstake of an Art Nouveau house. Check out the pretzels.

Otto Schatz- Die Hoffnung.JPG

There were some paintings by artist I'd never heard of before too. This is by Otto Schatz. It's called Die Hoffnung- the hope. I like the amount of different stories you can construe from the painting.

Werner Burg- Pig Market.JPG

Werner Burg- Schweinmarkt

Leopold Birstinger- Woman With Bouquet .JPG

Leopold Birstinger- Woman with Bouquet. I really liked the use of colour in this one. They seem to glow out from the background.



This extract from a book was printed on one of the walls. It appealed to me at the time. I was in a romantic mood, the sun was shining, I was in Vienna, and full of delicious cake. Sadly there is no romance going on in my life these days.


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