25 March 2011



The other day I was round my dad's. It was a sunny day, and I didn't fancy spending the whole day cooped up indoors. I got my dad to give me a lift up to Kit's Coty, a strange isolated place nearby, which has the remains of a Neolithic barrow there. The barrow isn't very evident these days, but the gate into the tomb is still there. There are more houses round there than I'd thought, all detached with big gates and long drives and beware of the dog signs, and on unpaved roads. It was totally quiet and a bit David Lynchish round there.


Empty roads


See, David Lynch land.


This made me laugh for some reason.


Investigating some plants with a cheap magnifying glass I had in my bag. Cos that's how I roll. (i.e., carrying round loads of crap in case it's vaguely useful)


Through the woods.


I like tangled tree roots.


Through the trees.


Secret Wendy house.


The stones themselves. There were some other people walking round them anti-clockwise. I'm far too ridiculously superstitious to walk around anything like that widdershins (like the tour path encourages you to do at Stonehenge). I also salute and count magpies. I'm ridiculously superstitious for such a decided atheist.



Antique graffiti.


The shape of the barrow isn't very obvious these days.

Idly Drawing

rochester sketch.jpg

Seeing as I'm meant to be an art student, I thought it was time I did some drawing. I feel rusty at drawing. Here's a drawing I made earlier sitting in the Castle Gardens after I signed on at the dole. Signing on always puts me in a foul mood, there's just something about Chatham dole office, but drawing in the sunshine made me feel a little better. I think the drawing's a little bland though. I think I should've made the left tree black shaded too, for better composition, but I was just drawing what I saw, one deciduous tree, and one evergreen.

22 March 2011

A Bee See

Bee @ Sipping sessions

On Friday I checked out my friend Pete's gig, and then went to Moogie Wonderland's Sipping Sessions event at a local cafe. This is Bee (short for Biancha) who's one of the people who organises it. She's very photogenic, and enjoys having her photo taken, which is great as far as I'm concerned.

Bee @ Sipping Sessions

Also, there was a mix cd lucky dip. I put my cd in, and drew one out which had a dubstep radio session on. iTunes believes it's the German version of the soundtrack to Zorba the Greek (or Zorba, der Griech, Teil 1 as it labels it)

Stupid William Hill advert

In fact, I did complain ...

Shame on you, William Hill

to: gsharpe@williamhill.co.uk

Dear William Hill,

I was in a pub in Brighton when I saw your beer mat advert in the photo.


I wasn't impressed, and neither were any of the female or male friends I was with. Sex trafficking is obviously a big joke to your company. Would you think it was ok to use some of the racist chants people shout at players in your advertising, just because you hear them on the pitch, and include a nice matching illustration ? Looking up your company's record, you seem to have been in trouble with Advertising Standards multiple times for putting out false and misleading advertising in the past few years. Maybe it's time to get a new advertising agency. I'll remind everyone I know to go to Ladbrokes for betting in future.

Emma Falconer

Anniversaire de Victoire

Birthday Tea

On Saturday I went to Brighton for Vicky's birthday. When I arrived at her flat, she had a full birthday tea laid out with all kinds of treats and drinks, and a red velvet cake that looked like a giant cupcake. Everyone should do that for their birthday, it was so much fun.



Jelly Yolk

If you put a jelly shot in a glass of Southern Comfort & Lemonade, it looks like an egg yolk.


The bakery said the cake would serve 24 people. We didn't believe them, but when you cut into it, it's suddenly huge inside. Vicky'll probably be eating cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week.

Cake Cake Cake

Mmm, delicious cake.

Party Bag

Some party bag stuff. The skeleton sweets tasted exactly how you imagine bleach would, I made everyone I saw that evening try one.

Cap'n Rachael

Cap'n Rachael


Everyone had to have a sit down, too much cake and chocolate and sugary booze.


Then we went to the pub, where some of Vicky's boyfriend Jack's family joined us. More people should bring cake stands to pubs.

James & Amy

Amy & James joined us. Funtimes had by all.


I somehow ended up with a bubblegum scented pencil. No, a smencil. Excellent word.


And a glittery transfer tattoo. It was surprisingly hard to get off the next day.

Shame on you, William Hill

I was not impressed by this ad on the beermat. I'm probably going to complain to William Hill when I get round to it.

17 March 2011

Forgotten Holgas


Another forgotten film scanned, Holga + Fuji Provia 400 xpro. This was my test roll for the Holga. You can see the other photos here, they're not very exciting.


Mystery film- pleasant but bland


I've got a whole load of unscanned negatives here which I'm slowly working my way through. There was a whole film of pictures of this place with a lake, but I have absolutely no idea where it is, or when I took the photos. I also have no idea what camera I used for these, but the film is Kodak Ektachrome 160 Tungsten, cross-processed. The pictures are pleasant but bland, and I've got a real feeling this was a test roll to see if something worked right/was any good (charity shop camera? lens found in someone's loft and given to me? who knows). Whatever it was seems to work fine.







15 March 2011

Far away from here. There is sun and spring and green forever.


Some snaps of the mist in my dad's garden this afternoon. Sometimes I wish my hometown would burn to the ground and be replaced solely by trees. (Rochester excepted)



Although mist is beautiful, I'm longing for Spring, and sunshine and fresh air, and the feeling of things getting going.



Zines Reprinted

zines num.jpg
I reprinted a load of back issues. To see details of what I've got, go here

You can order them through my etsy shop Etsy shop. If it's the first time you've ordered one of my zines, there's a 10% discount code, enter HELLO in the checkout, or if you prefer, REDCROSS to donate 12% to the Red Cross instead. Shipping is flat-rate for as many zines as you like.

UK people, I'll also swap for a 1st class stamp and an SAE.

13 March 2011

Et Tu Moogie?

Last night I went to Moogie Wonderland. It was Ides of March themed this time, and I made them some stuff.

This is a projection on the life of Julius Caesar made with cardboard and chromakey. It's clunky as hell, and there's no way I'll use it for uni, but I got it done in time for the event, and that's what matters in this instance. (Also the audience is drunk people, and they're not known for their attentiveness or attention to detail). My main beef with it is there's too much text (it was the only way I could think of to get the story across when I didn't have time to do more sophisticated animation) and most of the silhouettes are too basic. I'm going to remake it, with much better compositions and just generally at a higher, more sophisticated level.

Before I went, I went round Tukru's and we drank some Parma Violet vodka I'd made (put sweets in booze, wait, drink). Last time I made it it was delicious, and foamed slightly when mixed with lemonade. This time though it made huge heads of sugary fluff, which was just wrong. I don't know what happened, maybe it's something to do with different brands of lemonade or something. We drank it anyway. Drinking cold drinks out of mugs also confused my brain, it kept expecting hot tea.

The other two things I made were games based on Roman fortune-telling. The birds had twee fortunes on the back, the liver had fortunes based on bad puns about the romans culled from Carry On Films, Up Pompeii, Life of Brian and any groan-worthy one I could think of.

There were videos to explain:

List of Bad Roman Jokes:
Beware the Ides of March (and April, May and Jun)
All roads lead to the dancefloor
You'll have some jam for tea
You'll have a rat for tea
Infamy, infamy, they've all got it in for me (you)
In Vino Veritas- treat yourself to a nice drink
A good Roman knows where to go
Chathamo Delenda Est
Caecilius est in horto- make of that what you like
What's the Latin for Roman? Come on, come on ...
Et tu, Moogie?
A funny thing's going to happen on the way to the forum
How about you and me get toga-ether?
There's no place like Rome.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's- buy a balding man a drink
Veni, vidi, vici- this calls for more vino
Latin is a language, dead as dead can be, first it killed the Romans, now it's killing me
Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend us a fiver.


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