21 April 2011

The seas will reach and always seep


Today it was sunny and I had the day off, so I went to the Riverside Country Park. It's where the Medway meets the Thames Estuary. It's one of my places. I experimented with making some stitched panoramic pictures. I also took some normal pictures. I'll post them later. I'd love to have one of those turny Russian panoramic film cameras, but I'm too poor.



At my work they've got a butterfly garden in a heated tent over the Easter holidays. I popped in to take some pictures in my tea break earlier this week. I don't know what any of the species are, I don't know much about butterflies. They had a reference board to compare the live ones to, but I didn't have time to look closely.

Meant even less to me than I thought / With a honey plough of yellow prickly seeds


So I deactivated my Facebook account. It had been annoying me for a while, they keep adding new things / changing how you do other things for no real reason, and most of them are really annoying automated things that don't work properly. I don't need to get photos of x's holiday in 2008 or what y said to z about shoes three months ago fired at me on the sidebar all the time, and no, Facebook, you haven't helpfully spotted a face that needs tagging in a photo, that is a pattern of marks on a wall.

I liked Facebook first of all because it was a simple clear design that people couldn't commit horrible eye-scouring design crimes against like Myspace, and it was nice and simple to send people messages, see their photos and let them see yours, and had good privacy measures (ha! to that these days). It's a big old mess now. For quite a while, the handiness of being able to get in touch with people so easily kind of overrode my growing irritation every time I used the site, but it kind of reached a tipping point over to the side of irritation. The final, minor straw came when I was trying to respond to a friend's message, and it kept automatically sending after one line. If people want to get hold of me, they can phone, text or email, send me a postcard or a pigeon, I'm not difficult to get hold of. My photos are all on flickr too.

My email is: EmmaJaneFalconer@gmail.com if you want it.

12 April 2011

Often Inclined to Borrow Somebody's Dream Til Tomorrow

I'm a big Syd Barrett fan, but I really can't stand any of the stuff Pink Floyd did after he left (ironic, considering that my MA project supervisor is the guy who designed the cover for Dark Side of the Moon). Recently I went to an exhibition of his paintings, photos and letters. The gallery wasn't the most welcoming place, but I enjoyed the exhibition. I particularly liked the way he would just give his paintings to anyone who liked them. There were some pictures I really liked, but they didn't allow photographs, didn't sell postcards (only prints costing several hundred pounds) and the pictures on the website are covered in ugly watermarks. It's the same as when I went to the Hundertwasser museum in Vienna- an exhibition dedicated to an artist who when they were alive lived in an anti-commercial, diy way, is run after their death in the most snobby manner of the commercial art world available. (I'm not a fan of the atmosphere a lot of commercial galleries create, art is for everyone)

There was also a film playing on a tv that looked really interesting. You couldn't hear it though, because it was really quiet and next to the air con, and there were no subtitles. I asked at the desk if there was some other way to see it, and they said it would be on the website. I couldn't find it on there though, I guess I'll have to email them.

Get Out of the Office and Into the Springtime


At last, some sunshine. Today me & Tukru went out for some coffee and drawing. It's the London Zine Symposium on Sunday, and we have stuff to do. We didn't actually get much cafe time, because we forgot how early stuff closes round here. I've got some new stuff up my sleeve, but I don't want to show it until it's done.

Jackson's Field

For the Loneliness You Foster, I Suggest Paul Auster

I'm not doing the book review thing anymore, I lost track. When I added it up, I realised that I read at least 3 books a week (fast reader + a lot of time on trains), so that's over 150 book reviews in a year. Writing that many book reviews doesn't really appeal, so I'll just mention any books that piqued my interest. Recently I've been reading the New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, the sort of thing I like a lot and wondered why I hadn't got round to reading it before. I think it's what they were going for in I Heart Huckabees and failed to do. I hate that film. (But I love people messing around with the form of detective stories). I've also been re-reading all my Diana Wynne Jones books, for obvious reasons.

Natural History Museum

I've been doing a spot of temping at the Natural History Museum over the Easter Break. Ticket desk, lost property desk, that kind of thing. The pay is low, but the museum itself is one of my favourite places, and the experience is all good. With my staff pass I also get free entry to all the chargeable exhibitions in London (museums here are free entry, but charge for special temporary exhibitions). I've already been to the Aesthetic Movement and Yohji Yamamoto exhibitions at the V&A. I was particularly inspired by the textiles and art books in the Aestheticism exhibition. I've got plans to go to the Miro expo at the Tate Modern and any other thing I see that interests me.

new shoes

I bought some shoes for work/fun. Exciting stuff. For some reason I always think "Can I climb a tree in these?" any time I'm buying shoes, which tends to rule out glamour. I'm not sure why, I don't do any tree climbing these days, I suppose it's nice to have the option.


I did a boot fair with my mum too. Got rid of some junk. Lots of old 80s computers from the cupboard under the stairs and old a-level revision books.

Hummingbird bakery

I've been eating a lot of cakes as usual. Whenever I've been in London I've often been getting cakes from the Hummingbird Bakery. Surprisingly cheap. Unsurprisingly delicious. Here's a red velvet and vanilla one.


Here's a message from your natural overlord (Mitzi Fatbum): Tickle my belly

Don't Put Out

The other week I was in Brighton to see Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains, a forgotten film from the 80s about a fictional all-girl punk band with Diane Lane, Ray Winstone (yes, really), Paul Simonon and half of the Sex Pistols. They've started doing a cinema club at the West Hill Hall showing cult films with bands playing afterwards. This time the bands were Trash Kit and Woolf. I found out about it when I was at the copiers and the guy in front of me was copying flyers and we got chatting and swapped zines and flyers. I wish that kind of thing happened to me more often. A good evening filled with friends and good feelings. Bands and film recommended. I want to be back in Brighton. ( I decided to go not via London to see if the cheaper ticket was worth the bother- it wasn't, it took me 4 hours and between 4-7 trains each way)


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