26 May 2011

Being Editors #1- Diana Wynne Jones

So I've got the first issue of my children's literature zine done. The first issue is devoted to Diana Wynne Jones. There was a lot more I wanted to say on the topic, but it just kept growing and growing, so I cut it short at 60 pages, and I'll probably do another DWJ zine in the winter. (The next issue of this zine is about Oliver Postgate). Thank you to the contributors.

Printed with environmentally friendly purple soy ink on recycled cream paper. 60 pages measuring roughly 15cm/6" square with spot illustrations.
£2.75 + postage in the Shop

How I started reading Diana Wynne Jones
Tick off as you read Bibliography
Interview with Diana
Diana Wynne Jones and the Curse of the Terrible Cover Art
Things reading Diana's books has taught me
My Favourite: Fire & Hemlock
My Favourite: the Ogre Downstairs
My Favourite: the Homeward Bounders by Kyra Jucovy
My Favourite: Howl's Moving Castle by Eden Burnham
My Favourite: Witch Week by Hannah of Not Lonely zine
Witch Week as the Anti-Harry Potter
Adult Villains
Review of Farah Mendlesohn's book
Tick off version of Polly's reading list
The ending of Fire & Hemlock

Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

Being Editors #1-Diana Wynne Jones

20 May 2011

Bath Monochromes


Here's some b&w pictures I took in Bath a few winters ago. I finally got the film developed after finding it in a drawer. Pentax ME Super + 28mm lens + Ilford HP5. I've been to Bath a lot, both as a Classics student to look at stuff in the Baths, as a tour guide, and visiting my ex's family, who were from a village not too far away. It's stopped looking exotic to me.

Eau de bedroom dancing / Typical Grrls

Typical grrls may flyer

Oh look what's come around again. All girl tunes played by me & the lovely Ms Tukru. Free zine and cake. Zine stall of lovely stuff. A good time had by all, hopefully.

Thursday 26th of May, Poco Loco, Chatham, UK. Free entry. Thursday special drinks from £2.

Facebook Event run by Ms T, cos I got fed up of Facebook.

All the cheesecloth & macrame you can eat

cover small.jpg

I got this 70stastic book for £1 from a charity shop, mainly because of the pictures. The textual parts are worthy and Blue Peter-ish, with lots of making things out of tea chests and copydex (why doesn't tea tend to come in chests these days?), guides to home tie-dying, and sentences like "and kitchen foil gives a touch of glamour".

19 May 2011

Someone somewhere somehow feels you should be here

I guest djed at Moogie Wonderland with Tukru last week. It went pretty well, although the students were conspicuous in their absence because it's exam/assessment time. I didn't plan what I was going to play, just went with intuition.

Here's some stuff I played:

My Valuable Hunting Knife- Guided by Voices

A House is not a Motel- Love

the Vaselines- Teenage Jesus Superstar (this live version is rubbish tho)

And some stuff I forgot to play, but meant to (maybe another time):

Lucifer Sam- Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett- songs about cats, yeah

Philosophy of the World- the Shaggs

I managed to sprain the muscle between my shoulder blades somehow earlier this week, and have been lying around being thoroughly useless since. I didn't know you could actually do such a thing, but apparently I have. The doctor gave me a higher dose of painkiller than usual, and they make me feel nauseous and fuzzy. So I have a choice of not being able to bend over or turn, or wanly lying on the sofa feeling a bit queasy. I was supposed to help Tukru's boyfriend at the charity shop he's manager of today, but I had to flake out. I managed to drag myself into art college yesterday, and kind of regretted it. Still, my back's slowly getting better through the week, and I'll have a long bath later. Hopefully I'll be alright at the weekend when I have to work, cos I certainly need the money, and it's not like I have to pick anything up there, just ring up tickets and direct people to the toilets/blue whale/dinosaurs.

As though of hemlock I had drunk

I've got a new print for sale

fire and hemlock.jpg

3 colour risograph print based on "Fire & Hemlock" by Diana Wynne Jones (one of my all-time favourite books)

Blue, Green & Black environmentally friendly soy ink risograph
On 180g recycled cream card, measures around 20cm / 7 1/2 inches square
Signed edition of 50, individually numbered.

(there is a faint blue watermark on each print due to the printing process)

£4 GBP including postage worldwide. It's also on my Etsy, if you want to get zines at the same time.

Trip to, heave ho

I've got two new zines out, they're up on my shop along with some risograph prints. (If you don't use paypal or you want to trade, that's fine as well, contact me and we can sort it out)

yf 15 1.jpg

Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue

Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue Fanzine Ynfytyn 15- Madeleines and Macarons issue
24-page b/w quarter sized zine on yellow paper, you know the drill.

This time you're in for:

* Pointless board games
* Obstacle courses for hamsters
* Bad french jokes
* Marie Antoinette stylee macaron recipe

yf 15 2.jpg

yf 16 1.jpg

Fanzine Ynfytyn 16
24-page b/w quarter sized zine on purple paper, like always
60p on Etsy, 50p otherwise (that's about 1 USD)

What's in this one:

* My grandparents are like something out of Roald Dahl
* Small Pleasures
* All-time top Syd Barrett songs
* quick and tasty vegetarian recipes
* People I wanted to be when I grew up. (When? If?)

yf 16 2.jpg

13 May 2011

That cat's something I can't explain

Charity shop stuff

Charity shop haul (+ “helpful” cat)

Tartan fabric, grey wool skirt, purple dress, floral dress, knitting pattern book, pattern drafting books, Lux the Poet (excellent book btw), 70s girls comics annual for zine purposes, London Review of Books personals collection (“Animal in bed. Possibly a gnu.”)


Don't be fooled by the cuteness, she bit me soon after this. She thinks biting people is hilarious fun for all involved.

11 May 2011

Blood, oh the blood


I've done some risograph prints based on one of my university projects to try to raise some money. The life of a post-graduate student is not a rich one.

The quote's from the Bacchae by Euripides, roughly translated it means "I caught this young lion by myself, without a trap"

Red & Black soy ink risograph
On 180g cream card, measures around 8 inches by 9 inches (the same width as A4, but slightly shorter)
Edition of 50, individually numbered and signed
£4 including postage to anywhere in the world

09 May 2011

Bird has flown


Here's the rest of the pictures from where I took the panos at the Riverside Country Park. There's a promontory which goes out to an island in the river, almost at the mouth where the Thames and Medway meet, with narrow beaches with reedbeds and abandoned boats along the edge and woods and pools in the interior. I used to come here a lot. I particularly love it in the winter when there's practically no-one there except me and some water birds.

07 May 2011

Like the librarian said ... everyone respects the dead

Yesterday I got the dvd of Kids for £2, and I watched it with Vicky & Tukru.V had somehow never seen it, and the last time T had seen it was about 10 years ago when her down-with-the-kids history teacher had played it at school (yeah, Finland ...). When I was about 15 or so it was my all-time favourite film along with Heavenly Creatures. I don't know what that says about me. If I'd seen the film now as a 26 year old, it wouldn't amaze me (maybe creep me out instead). I think what made the impact on me at the time was that in the age before cheap DVDs and easy downloading, it was the first really raw film I'd seen, and I was obviously longing for rawness at the time. Glossy Hollywood high school films had absolutely no relevance to my life. I went to an all-girls school in a decaying industrial town in southern England, there were no cheerleaders, no-one remotely cared about sports teams or any kind of prom and I didn't live in a bland but comfortable suburb with average married parents. No-one I knew got HIV, and as far as I know (or at least hope), I don't think there was any date-rape going on, but something obviously resonated. I taped it off channel four and watched it again and again. The thing that actually registered the most though, was the soundtrack. There's not many films where you'd see a scene of someone getting beaten up to the sound of Daniel Johnston, and I was introduced to quite a few bands (or finally got to hear the music of bands/artists whose names I'd heard- dialup days, kids!) from the soundtrack: Sebadoh/Folk Implosion, Slint and Daniel Johnston

Soundtrack listing: (there are a lot more songs in the film that aren't on there for some reason)

1. Daniel Johnston - "Casper"
2. Deluxx Folk Implosion - "Daddy Never Understood"
3. Folk Implosion - "Nothing Gonna Stop"
4. Folk Implosion - "Jenny's Theme"
5. Folk Implosion - "Simean Groove"
6. Daniel Johnston - "Casper the Friendly Ghost"
7. Folk Implosion - "Natural One"
8. Sebadoh - "Spoiled"
9. Folk Implosion - "Crash"
10. Folk Implosion - "Wet Stuff"
11. Lo-Down - "Mad Fright Night"
12. Folk Implosion - "Raise the Bells"
13. Slint - "Good Morning, Captain"

(Deluxx) Folk Implosion- Daddy Never Understood

Sebadoh- Spoiled

Daniel Johnston- Casper the Friendly Ghost

And of course ... (altho you don't really hear it in the film)

Slint- Good Morning Captain (you need this album)


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