17 August 2011



And a shot of Stonehenge looking like there's no-one there. I took this when I worked as a tour guide for one weekend. I didn't want to do it again after that. The day out at Stonehenge and Bath was fine. I wandered round Bath for a few hours after doing the brief tour of the town on the schedule, and the staff at Stonehenge made me a cup of tea and gave me biscuits and gave me a free audio guide to listen to. I think it's funny that the path encourages you to walk round Stonehenge anti-clockwise while listening to a recording about superstitions, magic and myths as it's traditionally supposed to be highly unlucky. I don't think I'd pay to go to Stonehenge anyway. Maybe it's different if you come from another country where they don't have anything similar.

The day in London involved calling the paramedics from a quay on the Thames, being shouted at by some Russian women because London is big and crowded until I cried, having a Turkish woman constantly phone me saying things like "I'm on a street with shops and a McDonalds. Where am I?" (answer: possibly anywhere in London) and getting stuck in the middle of a parade of some group called the Jesus Army who wore brightly coloured jumpsuits and blasted out tinny pop versions of hymns. I'm going to write about it for my zine at some point. It was memorably awful.

Mystery film- Friends and Places

This is another ancient film scanned. It's definitely from 2008, but it skips about all over the place, there's shots of Medway and ATP and Brighton, but I didn't move to Brighton until the August of that year, and ATP was in May, and I have no idea when the Medway pics were taken, so it seems to have been hanging about in my camera for quite a while. I don't even know what camera I used. I think it might be a Lomo LCA, the one I got in an Estonian junk shop for £20. It's since half fallen apart, so I'm glad I didn't pay those Austrian rip-off merchants much money for it. Whatever camera I used, it's some really grainy 400asa cheapo Ferrania marked film, prob from poundland.


Here's Tukru with an umbrella up the Great Lines in Chatham. I helped her take some self-portraits with the umbrella, and I took some photos of her myself.



Ooh er!


The River Medway in Chatham. Probably full of old boots and used needles and dodgy characters wearing concrete overshoes.


Sarah P and Manish djing at Explosions in the Sky ATP. It looks like there was no-one there, but they were just setting up. They are good at djing, and people came, alright?


Sarah. She was probably playing Fleetwood Mac.


Brighton. Free as a bird. Also very windy.


Seaford. It's all mine. I think maybe I went with V. I used to go all the time to check out the old-lady stuff filled charity shops where everything cost 20p. For some reason I have always loved taking pictures of busy tourist places looking totally deserted.


16 August 2011


I went to see two films at the BFI the past few weeks, both well worth seeing at the cinema rather than on dvd.

Night of the Hunter for Sarah's birthday. It's one of those films I'd never seen all the way through, just a half hour here and there on daytime tv over the years. It turned out some of the events happen in a different order than I thought. Robert Mitchum is a creepy Deep South preacher with HATE and LOVE tattooed on his knuckles with a taste for marrying widows and later killing them. He's trying to extract the secret of where some money is hidden from his latest step-children, who run away and hide out with a kindly old widow played by Lilian Gish. The main thing about the film is the fantastic framing of shots and the supremely creepy atmosphere. I especially loved this river sequence.

I also saw Last Year at Marienbad by myself. I was passing by and they had a few last minute tickets left. I texted a few people, but no-one was free to come and see it right then, so I thought fuck it, and saw it by myself. Either I am a grown-up now, or deeply sad. I've got the DVD of the film anyway, but I wanted to see it at the cinema. Not much happens in the film. It's not one for the impatient. Basically a man keeps bumping into a woman at a grand baroque hotel, and he tries to convince her that last year they had a passionate affair and planned to run away together, but she needed a year to decide whether to leave her husband. You see the same events with multiple different nuances, one minute it seems like the man is mistaken, the next the woman remembers. At one time it seems like her husband shoots him, another like the man assaulted the woman, but then it's reversed, but without jump-cuts or anything like that. Sometimes characters' voices discussing previous events change the representation of the event. It does have a "proper" ending though. It's a hard film to explain, but it's worth the patience. There are so many different theories people have come up with for what's really happening.

St Ives 2008


Here's some photos of St Ives from 2008. They were on the same roll of x-pro'd Sensia as the Lille photos. I think it was the last of my freezerfull of expired slide film I got when I worked at Jessops as a student.


There's 12 more or so here


(That isn't lightning sadly, it's a mark on the film!)

Lille 2008


Here's some photos I took in Lille in 2008 on a day trip. I only just got them developed.




This & That

I haven't updated in a while. There's a backlog running. I've just been busy working all hours and doing university work. I've seen quite a few films recently tho.

24hr zine 1

I completed the 24hr zine challenge again. I haven't got any copies for sale right now, that will have to wait until Sept. In fact I'm almost out of zines in total.


I've been out for drinks with work people a few times.



It was also Jack, Vicky's boyfriend's birthday, and she made some cakes and we went out.


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