25 November 2011

Zine mixpacks

yf 15 3.jpg

A while back I went to a zine fair and stupidly left half the zines at home and had to make some hasty copies onto white paper rather than my usual coloured paper. I'm moving house and dejunking, and I've made some cheap mixpacks of those leftover white paper zines.

Ynfytyn 15, 16, 16.5 & 17 4 zine pack- £1.80 + post
Ynfytyn 15, 16& 16.5 3 zine pack- £1.30+ post
Ynfytyn 15, & 16.5 2 zine pack- £1 + post

Sold out

24hr zine 3

23 November 2011

¿Donde esta?


When we were in Mallorca, everyone did their best to ensure that we were stuffed at all times. The big curly pastry is an ensaimada, a Mallorcan speciality.


After a point you need some indigestion relief. I've pretty much started calling all indigestion remedies Brian Enos now.

cake 1

We got some Barbapapa and Pink Panther cakes ...

cake 2

Here presented by Señor M. Perona Guinart, professional cake eater.
Those cakes were foul.

depressing hotel

We passed by this incredibly depressing hotel when we were driving along the coast road that passes through Magaluf. Looks like they borrowed the design off the Soviets. (Magaluf is the Spanish equivalent of Acapulco for you North Americans).

car park

I liked the colour and texture of the floor of this car park.


Here's me boy.

Enter giant squid.

Test run from Emma Falconer on Vimeo.

Testing things in after effects. Still needs work.

This is a test run I did at university also as an aid to helping me learn After Effects. I scanned in some rough bits from my sketchbook and animated them quickly as layers to see how I liked the overall effect of a paper cutout sea (real cutouts would have to be wider than the screen). I like the overall effect, though for the real thing it would have a lot more layers, and be coloured with indian ink rather than crappy watercolour and the waves and monster themselves would change shape rather than just move up and down. It's a start, nonetheless.

12 November 2011

Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole, it would be about me.

Last night Marcos' parents took us out, it ended up being weirdly decadent.


We went for a drink at this place. At 11.30 on Fridays they shower you with rose petals from a balcony. The whole place is decorated like some kind of baroque stage set from a Fellini film. In fact the whole place is like a Fellini film. They don't allow cameras inside, but I took some photos on Marcos' phone. Instagram photos look amazing on the screen of the iphone 3, but they don't always look so wonderful on the computer.



Senor Byrona

Senor Byrona poses on the mantlepiece of the drawing room.


They used to have free-flying doves at this place too apparently.

We went for some food at a popular local restaurant (the website has awful music-you're warned). The food was amazing- I had the gorgonzola and pear ravioli and we shared some tapas. Next to us was a really creepy guy. We kept overhearing his conversation because he had such a loud obnoxious voice. It soon became clear that his date was from an escort agency, and he kept comparing her to a previous girl from the same company saying stuff like "we had a real connection, not what you expect from these things" to which his date replied "oh she told me" and he kind of acted like he was trying to intimidate her into making sure he had a really, really *good* time. I don't know how to explain what a total creep this guy was, but he just was. Once I saw a classified advert asking for an attractive female housemate who could live in the flat for free in return for housework and spanking sessions. The advertiser described himself as "extremely affluent, with a rugby player physique and an interest in yachts". My mental image of the advert guy pretty much fitted exactly how the restaurant creep was.

Then we went back to the bar to see the rose petal shower (with Hallelujah music at the same time ...)

Abaco rose petals

Man of Mystery

Pure Fellini. They served us drinks in glasses big as fish bowls. I was stuffed with delicious rich food and the drinks defeated me.


Marcos installed instagram on his iphone and I've been playing around with it. I have lots of normal photos of Mallorca and stuff I did last month  to post-process and upload, but they'll have to wait until I get back.

Puerto Portals

Here is the cover of Marcos' imaginary solo album. Life hangs heavy on the shoulders of this important young artist.



08 November 2011

These are the cheap seats, not Mount Sinai.

Theatre 3

At the end of the summer I went to an exhibition by stage set design students at the National Theatre. It's strange, I've never had much interest in dollshouses, but I love toy theatres and set design models.

Theatre 4

I guess I like the sense of drama with the miniature spotlights. I also like the way they represent the audience with gradients of grey cardboard silhouette people.

Theatre 2

Theatre 1

Enfolding sunny spots of greenery

I haven't posted here for a while because life has overtaken me a little, and I've been dashing from place to place. I'm in Palma de Mallorca right now visiting Marcos' family, with a permanent move to London on the cards for the end of the month (it can't come too soon). I've got a backlog of photos to work through.


In July I worked at a summer camp at this place. It's an old manor house that's been converted into a boarding school and wedding venue. When the school is on holiday they rent it out for activity and language camps, which is why I was there. It was only a few miles from where my mum lives, but was a total pain to get to via public transport. It was fine to get home, and involved a leisurely walk through green lanes, apple orchards and fields to a tiny rural train station, but somehow the connections just didn't work out to get there, so I had to arrange lifts for the morning.

These are some photos I took one day on my walk to the train home. It's just kind of generic pretty English countryside, but I guess it could be exotic if you come from elsewhere.


Idyllic green lane.


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