28 February 2012

Siren song

I made a test animation for one of the puppets from my uni project. The movement's pretty rough, I'll refine it later (I also need to clean up the masking). I just wanted to see if it worked. I've been rereading James Joyce's Ulysses, and in the sirens section the barmaids are constantly described as "bronze gold", so I made my sirens bronze coloured. Might as well. Ulysses is heavy going. I think reading it the way it originally appeared, as separate episodes is much more fun than ploughing through it as a book. I still think my favourite thing about it is that the equivalent of Penelope is constantly unfaithful. If you do a 3 month university course on Homeric epic, you get pretty tired of his character taglines ("faithful Penlope" "wily Odysseus" "wine-dark sea") again and again. It's not like you have to memorise the whole thing to recite at a feast like they did in 800BC.

sirens screenshot

After Effects owns my soul now it seems. Tedious program.

13 February 2012

Little Venice in orange


These are some photos I took in Little Venice with my old Pentax film SLR a few weeks ago. They call it Little Venice, but it's really just a canal basin out the back of Paddington Station with lots of houseboats, some nice pubs and a cafe and a puppet theatre on boats. I guess "Little Holland" or "Little East Anglia" don't sound as exciting. The slide film was much more out of date than I realised, but I like the orange and purple impressionist look I ended up with, some of the photos look more like paintings than photos.

Star, sky, sea

I had a big presentation to do at uni last week. I worked in getting the setup of the toy theatre style of my animations right for the showing. It doesn't look very exciting just having the scenery, but once the scene is technically set up and lit right I can add any scenery and characters in very quickly, so it was worth spending time getting the fundamentals right before doing the exciting stuff. I'm working on storyboarding now.

It should let you click on the hd icon before playing (I made them in hd at any rate)

Here's my basic setup of water and backgrounds. (Sadly this one is sd only, I ran out of hd space on my free vimeo account)

Here is the 3d version of the water, with lighting.

For comparison, this is what I had before I slowed the motion down and made the layers 3d objects.

Forkbeard Fantasy



I went to see this exhibition at the Festival Hall a little while ago. Forkbeard Fantasy are a group who create stage costumes and props, and make films and peepshow art installations. (I misspelled it as "Folkbeard Fantasy" when I was labelling the Flickr set, which kind of makes sense). There's a strong theme of fantasy, humour and surrealism in all the work, and most of the things in the exhibition were for touching and using rather than being locked away in glass cabinets.

Hastings Summer of 2006

I got some films developed a little while ago, and it turned out some of them are from quite a while ago, and had been lurking around in drawers for a long time. This one is from 2006. I'm not sure what camera I took these with, some kind of box camera or Diana or something.

boat double

I was working at a summer camp in Rochester after I'd graduated from uni. The kids came from various different countries and came over for a few weeks to improve their English and do sightseeing. My job was supervising trips and sports and running art and drama sessions. We had a lot of trouble with the trips. They were supposed to be booked from Head Office, but whoever was doing them obviously didn't have a clue about the various tourist attractions in the region. As well, these summer camps usually have the tickets for things paid for in advance, and you just show your work id and collect them when you turn up with the kids. They just gave us cheques to pay with when we turned up. The fact that Head Office didn't have to contact the places in advance to pay for them resulted in things like us being scheduled to visit the Dickens Centre which had closed down about 5 years previously. They also hired the cheapest bus company they could get, and the buses never had working air conditioning and often didn't know where they were going.

70s craft books ahoy

I like buying 70s craft books from charity shops. I'm not sure what it is about them, but maybe it's the colours and the quite often bizarre project suggestions. Here's 2 of them scanned in.


First up, Super Book of Things to Make. This book veers wildly between suggesting you paint an old washing up liquid bottle with poster paint, and that you take up glasswork to make your own rings, and it's not quite clear who it's aimed at. I've scanned the weird stuff/things that appeal to me though.

03 February 2012

Girls Get Birthday


So on Tuesday, me & Tukru went to the Girls Get Busy birthday party at the Alibi in Dalston. Dalston is a bit of a pain in the arse to get to from mine, you have to walk about 20 mins to West Hampstead and then get the Overground (and two night buses back). It's also full of Nathan Barleys. There was Riot Grrrl karaoke, and cake, and Tukru and some other people I know djed, and overall I had a good time and met some nice people, although it would have been better if the prickish men hanging out round the bar hadn't been there.

Dip dip dip

My friend Tukru came to stay with me in London. We went to the Girls Get Busy birthday party, and she went to see Wild Flag (I couldn't get a ticket). While she was here, I dyed her hair, because it was boring her. We went for dip-dyed, as then you don't have roots to deal with.

tukru hair 0

Sad burrito hair. Why is it taking so long to develop?

Tukru's hair 1

Happy hair, with mirrorball sparkles on the wall.

Tukru's hair 2

Serious hair.

Zine reprints

folding zines

I reprinted all the back issues of my zines, and finished making the zine section of my new website. I never want to look at a stapler or the photoshop scan window again again.

zines multi

All available individually on my online shop.

I also now have a mailing list for updates about when I have new things, and for special offers


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