12 April 2012

софия, българия

cathedral 6

Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral in Sofia. Pentax ME Super with an East German junk shop lens and very expired Fuji Superia film.

cathedral 1

There's more shots of the Cathedral in my flickr.


Martenitsa, a springtime tradition in Bulgaria.

11 April 2012

Somerset House Panoramic

somerset house pano

Here's a stitched panoramic photo I took of Somerset House. Click on the photo for the big version.

Pick Me Up 2012

Before I went to Bulgaria, I helped out at Pick Me Up, a yearly graphics art fair. My tutor was running a "Drawing Olympics" workshop, and some of us students went along to help.

Somerset House

The event was at Somerset House, along the river. I was really impressed with this installation in the courtyard. Last time I was there the area was filled up with a stage with Belle & Sebastian playing.

Workshop 1

There were various games, like drawing as many everyday objects as you could against the clock, tiled consequences, and continue the comic.

аз съм английска, от лондон

Last week I was in Bulgaria teaching. I didn't have too great a time, because all of us teachers got food poisoning, and there was one particular class of kids who were a pain, and due to all round tiredness and illness, I didn't get to leave the dull suburb we were staying in and venture too much into Sofia. I went twice, and here are some phone pics. I've got some 35mm ones too, which I need to scan, and some diana ones, which need developing still. I think if I went again to Bulgaria I'd go somewhere in the mountains or coast. Sofia isn't their top tourist destination, it's really more somewhere where people work, and the natural scenery of the country is stunning. I'm in the process of writing about the trip in more detail for my zine.


This is Sofia cathedral, right in the centre of the city. The roof is covered in gold leaf, which looks really impressive in the sunlight.


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