27 September 2012

Things I like

I decided to make a list of things I like. It's not specific things, like particular bands or directors or food, it's more a list of general principles of what I enjoy. My life recently has been controlled by people who have nothing to offer, and who have to create drama and pain in their and other people's lives in order to not be bored.

The world and life aren't boring. There are 10 million interesting things you can do that don't hurt a fly. Anyone who is worth knowing, knows this. Actions have consequences, and anything worth doing doesn't have negative consequences on other people. They say the best revenge is living well. (Although a good public exposure of people who thought they could get away with anything with no consequences also does a lot for the spirit, I can tell you)

* Sunlight and fresh air and nature (although I'm not sporty or particularly outdoorsy)
* Visiting the countryside, but not living there. I need the stimulation of a city
* The sea and other water
* Listening to music. *Really* listening to music, totally focused and absorbed in it
* Playing music myself, even if I'm too shy to show it to other people

* Watching documentaries
* Art and culture
* Visiting museums and galleries and historical sites
* Meeting interesting people with passions and interests
* Listening to Radio 6 & 4
* Animals
* Books that make you think. Literature in general. Good poetry.
* Going to the library, particularly academic libraries
* Poking round junk shops, charity shops and flea markets
* Good design
* Sedate fun
* Good food and drink, enjoyed for its flavour
 * Creating beautiful and comfortable environments
* Learning about things, and discovering things I was previously unaware of
* Creating things
* Working on collaborative projects with other creative people
* Noticing small interesting details
* Exploring places and looking for the things you might otherwise miss
* Learning how things work
* Writing and receiving letters and parcels
* Documenting things and experiences

* Travel
* Photography
* Sewing
* Drawing and painting
* Learning about the history and context of people and places
* The company of people who are comfortable with themselves.
* Honesty. This is very important to me.

16 September 2012

I am a public creep magnet

There is a guy I know called Peter Lally, who I really don't like. He organised some zine events I had stalls at, and he gloms onto me like a massive white-knighting creep all the time. He doesn't seem to get the concept of zines at all, despite running fairs with them, and would always tell me I was too clever to be wasting my time on zines, and that he could see me soon "moving beyond them". He seems to think I am a some broken little bird who needs fixing, despite what anyone says, or any proof to the contrary. After he read my zine, he told me my world-view was disturbing. The thing is (as anyone who has read it will know), that my zine is full of amusing fluff, and very little heavy stuff. I don't know where you can get "disturbing world view" out of me writing about eccentric English teachers, or charity shop board games.

13 September 2012

Looking back at my diary

I've never been a strict diary keeper, but I have a blog, and I also have a book where I stick in mementos (ticket stubs, restaurant cards, photobooth photos, lists of things, all that stuff). When I was unpacking my stuff I came across the one from since I met my ex.

I was apprehensive about it. I put it to one side to look at later. I wanted to decide whether I would throw it away or keep it and just put it away somewhere where I wouldn't come across it for a long time. I have never thrown an old one away before. I was expecting to find it painful to look at, full of our life together, but actually it wasn't. I didn't feel a thing, except, oh yeah that was that nice cafe, and I enjoyed going to that thing with friends. There's almost nothing of him in it.

There's stub for the film we went to see on our first date. A film I chose. There's some photobooth photos of us together early on.  I'm smiling, and he's either looking away or blank. I didn't notice that before, because the pose is cute. There's two other photos of him, in neither of which is he looking at the camera. Both from before we lived together. I am always taking photos of everything, and yet in a year I only have a few, and they were taken right at the beginning.

The only personal thing is a note from him saying "This cake was so good I had to take it into the office to brag about it. So I took half. Eat the rest. I LOVE YOU." Doesn't make my heart melt, I'm loved because I cook well and he can show it off to work people,  not "Your cakes make me happy, I wanted to share it with x and y, so I took half in to work".
There's a "missing you" card *I* sent *him* when I was away for a week. He didn't seem to treasure it, and I really liked the artwork, so I ended up sticking it into my book. There's a tourist map of Cambridge, where we took a day trip. It didn't interest him at all, and looking at the pictures doesn't bring back any memories of him, because he was so absent that day.

Also, every year I make a list of things I like, to see how my interests stay constant and change over a year. There's 86 things on the list, and there is not one thing that I picked up as an interest from him or shows any interest from him. In fact I could have written the list just before I met him, apart from one or two items. In a year I've only filled up about 8 pages. This is unknown for me. I'll be keeping the diary, and filling up the rest of pages with interesting things I've done.

11 September 2012

Films for my MA

Here's the films from my MA show. I actually made five for the assessment, but these are the two I like best, and that are going to be in the public exhibition.The private view is on Friday, and the exhibition is on until the 22nd of September at the gallery in the Art College opposite the Brighton Pavillion. I have lots of photos of setting up the exhibition, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to post them at the moment, I don't have access to a computer with Photoshop on right now.

Scylla & Charybdis from Emma Falconer on Vimeo.

Sirens from Emma Falconer on Vimeo.

Please ignore the credits at the end, I didn't get a chance to change them. Marcos Perona deserves no thanks for anything.

02 September 2012

Siren Song

Here's my first totally finished animation for my MA exhibition. Tomorrow I'll have Circe, Scylla and Charybdis and the Oracle at Delphi done. They're all nearly finished, but I have just a few more scenes to do, and I'm tired now, it's 2.43 am. 
When you play it, make sure that that HD icon is lit up. It will play well full screen too (although not as well as the version that will be shown in the exhibition) 
You can see details of all the student's projects here: www.ma2012.co.uk. It's going to be updated more fully before the exhibition opens to the public on the 14th of September.


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