02 March 2013

Through the pinhole

pin 1
Last night I scanned about 20 rolls of film. Here's the first one, some pinhole photos I took in Cornwall a few years ago, using the Diana + (you can remove the lens and use it as a pinhole camera). I think they're of St Ives and Mousehole. They're pretty soft looking, because I just rested the camera on a wall rather than use the tripod. Here are some I took using the tripod and with colour film with the same camera, they're much sharper. I like these monochrome ones though, they're quite eerie looking. 
pin 2
pin 3
pin 4
pin 5


Homerlusk said...
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Homerlusk said...

I really love the first one!

Emma Jane Falconer said...

It looks like it's commemorating the site of someone's deadly tumble into the water, doesn't it?


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